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Our Services

Signature Swedish Massage

EnJoy a relaxing full body massage that will melt away the stress of your day to day life, performed with our special blend of organic ingredients and essential oils.


$99/90 mins

Deep Tissue Massage

Get the knots out LITERALLY!! We  provide a true deep tissue massage to help soothe soreness and tension in overworked muscles!!! 


$120/90 mins

Hot Stone Massage 

For those times when  deep tissue massage is in order, yet you are too sore for deep pressure. Made from basalt these stones transfer muscle relaxing heat into the tissues and soothes sore muscles


$120/90 mins

Himalayan Salt Massage

Experience the health benefits of miraculous Himalayan salt massage, Studies suggest that Himalayan Salt massage helps to reduce inflammation, Improve sleep, and Balace the Central Nervous System. 


$120/90 mins


Thai Massage

Blending principles of yoga, meditation, and thai chi, Thai Massage introduces the body to stetching and increasing flexiblilty. Our guest is fully clothed during the session so wear loose fitting garments to recieve the full benefit.

$85/ Hour


Sports Massage 

Sports Massage is geared toward athletes and those who do strenuous exercise. Our therapists work hand in hand with you to keep you performing up to your full potential!! Focusing on areas that are overused and stressed from repetitive movement and conditioning


$110/90 mins


Reflexology has an ability to stimulate nerve functions that help your body increase your energy levels, circulation, central nervous system function, prevent migraines and so much more. Reflexology takes advantage of the many nerve endings that exist throughout the body, specifically the feet and hands, and operates along those "channels" to help facilitate healing.

$60/ Hour Just Feet or Hands

$99/ 90min Feet and Hands

Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy can be a very exciting time!! With everyone preparing for the little ones arrival often we forget about the one who is working hardest-MOM!! Pamper mom with a relaxing Prenatal Massage to ease her sore muscles. 

$80/ hour

Guided Meditation

Meditation is an ancient practice that dates as far back as 1500 BCE. It has its roots in Vedic culture. Each of the five major religions in the world acknowledge some form of meditation observances. We offer guided meditation for beginners to intermediate, and experts alike. 

1 Hour Customized Session

Inquire for Pricing and Availability


Couples Massage

Treat yourself and a guest to a private couples massage together and share in the gift of relaxation. Suitable for married/dating couples, mom and daughter or just plain ole bffs. Reward Each Other!!


$199/90 mins



Invite us to your office or other venue when the load is getting too heavy for your team!! We are excited to provide on site service to your business, office, and or home. So even if you can't make it to us, we got your back!!

Inquire for Pricing and Availability

Group Packages

Bring the whole gang!! Group rates available when you book 6 or more people for massage services each package includes: Signature Swedish Massage, Your choice of Foot Scrub w/ Essential Oils or Peppermint Scalp Massage and Luxurious Organic Face Mask. 

Inquire for Pricing and Availability


Exfoliate your mind as our all natural ingredients soften your skin and restore it's natural glow. choose from:

Full Body Scrub   $80

Just Legs   $40

Full Back    $40

Just Feet or Hands $15


Be our guest every month with our monthly membership. Just $55 per month. Also along with these savings receive exclusive discounts for MEMBERS ONLY.



Kinesio  Taping

KT Taping helps reduce pressure to the tissue and reduces inflammation & pain. Sports taping also provides support to muscles during strenuous exercise and guards against over-working the muscle. Add to any service.


Crystal Therapy

Discover the magic of Crystal Therapy. Can be added to massage service or as an independent session. Crystal Consultation and Q&A included

$40 Independent Session

$20 add on to service

Peppermint Scalp Massage

Enjoy, as an add on to any service, our relaxing Peppermint scalp massage. Peppermint Oil helps relieve headaches and control itchy scalp as well as soothe the sinuses and encourage clear breathing



Add an essential oil to your massage cream to further customize your experience. Essential Oils have been known to offer various health and wellness benefits.


All of our products used during services are blended fresh daily in house and contain all natural ingredients made from our own recipes​ !!!

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24 hour notice on cancellations or reschedules. No fee to reschedule. $10 fee for cancellations and no shows.